If I text you back fast its not because Im thirsty its because my phone was in my hand at the time. The waiting to text people back on purpose shit is childish


Finn’s comment about the perception of Loras through Sansa’s eyes is giving me fucking life and I really just want to talk about how fucking spot on he is about that. GRRM has continually said that one should be wary of how we view a character that has no POV, as there…


when you got 174745253 cops shooting at you in grand theft auto and you’re just like uwwu„„,i knwo I kiled all thos poepl abd im„„trash pl s i”m’ havng a panicc atack leve me alon e


Sophie and Howl

u guys are so concerned for the state of ur eyebrows and keep talking about perfect eyebrows and im just so confused?? when did this start? i never heard someone irl talk about eyebrows or idk maybe thats just in brazil. what’s so good looking about eyebrows? it’s a patch of hair on ur face wtf


*on a date*

so haha tell me more about your dog


Let’s “cuddle” and when I say cuddle I mean aggressively makeout and grab me everywhere


Nirvana, Wilkinsburg, July 9, 1989


Nirvana, Wilkinsburg, July 9, 1989